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Meet Catalina

I teach Spanish to people who want to enrich their lives with this beautiful and romantic language! 

As a native of Colombia, I have always been passionate about traveling and sharing my experiences and knowledge with anyone interested in learning about new cultures, and everyone who wants to explore all of the benefits and advantages of learning the world's fourth most spoken language.

I am here to help you acquire the skills to interact in real life situations. Using my own 10 - 30 method, you'll learn Spanish in a fresh new way with interactive lessons and activities giving you the opportunity to speak Spanish while you're learning.

Learning together from the comfort of your home.

Working from Home

My method 10-30: customized lessons around your interests.



If your level is...

I recommend

20 Private Lessons
10 Group Lessons



If your level is...

I recommend

20 Group Lessons
10 Interactive Lessons



If your level is...

I recommend

10 Group Lessons
20 Interactive Lessons



Instructional scaffolding

Cooperative learning

Varied materials


What students are saying

"I needed to refresh my Spanish for my real estate business. Catalina is patient, kind and endlessly encouraging. She's engaging, creative and full of energy! Her passion for Spanish language and culture is infectious! If you're looking for a Spanish instructor, look no further!"

Rosemary, KY

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